Dr. Leanne Schlueter

Dr. Leanne Schlueter


Maximized Living delivers results with sensibility. Our doctor has dedicated this clinic to the principles of Maximized Living because we're dedicated to getting you truly well. We shouldn't trick our bodies into feeling better. We should remove interference so we can live our lives exactly how we see fit.

5 Essentials Coordinator

Manage homecare equipment inventory, ordering and distribution to patients. linebreak Maintain appropriate stock of 5 Essentials resources and resource centers. linebreak Regular and timely re-ordering of 5 Essentials resources for office. linebreak Effectively communicate patient education events: Webinars, Adv. Talks, MakeOvers etc. linebreak Coordinate with their team and patients regarding the 5 Essentials. linebreak

Chiropractic Assistant

Record and submit clinic's stats linebreak Handle insurance and cash billing linebreak Welcome clients and walk each through examinations, review policy, deliver literature and more linebreak Collect and follow-through on patient referrals linebreak Promote workshops and contact missed appointments linebreak And much, much more! linebreak